Friday, January 28, 2011

Abalone Mermaid

After having returned from a rejuvenating trip to Nicaragua, I am filled with energy, creativity and excitement. After surfing some of the heaviest waves of my life, I am tackling this intimidating project with with zest. With my limited time to work (only about 15 hours/week) I am making the most of those precious hours when my son in daycare.
I am also juggling a large commission and an insanely detailed painting of a 1940's beach party, not to mention the 50 paintings I'd like to start, so I have to prioritize the projects.
On this piece, once the figure is completed, I will texturize her with 23K gold leaf, roughing up some of the "cleanliness" of the woodgrain I painted, adding a warm, antique feel. Drawing upon all the deteriated wood, gold and metal I have seen in Italy and even in Nicaragua, I am creating a surfboard that bridges the past to the future.